Let Jewelry4Bikers make a ring, pendant, pin or belt buckle with your club’s patch or organization’s logo.

Completed Rings weigh a minimum of 32 grams in sterling silver so you know they are nice and beefy. They also have a comfort back and will make a great impression on your friends AND your enemies.

Our custom jewelry is made using quality metals of sterling silver, bronze or 440 C stainless steel. Gold is available but due to fluctuating prices, it has to be quoted when ordering your ring/s. Have smelling salts handy.

We offer 2 different ring mold set-ups:

Traditional wax mold: $270.00

This process involves taking a jpg of your patches and turning it into a bitmap file which gives you three, 3-dimensional views of your ring design with your logo. Once approved the wax is carved. Because this mold is lower in price, it's higher in demand. Due to this high volume, this process can take 6-8 weeks to complete - sometimes a little longer. Your patience is required!!

Stainless Steel Mold: $490.00 to $710.00

This is a Cad-Cam 3-d Printing process involves taking a jpg of your patches and turning them into a Cad file which gives you three, 3-Dimensional views of your ring design with your logo. Once approved, the internally laser cut mold is created. This mold is highly recommended for clubs with a lot of details or tiny details. We can offer this mold at this low price if you choose one of the 4 shank styles we already have created i.e., smooth, bar added for lettering, concaved or chevron sides and sides with posts to allow for cubes for lettering. Pictures will be provided at time of mold purchase. Otherwise the mold cost is $710.00.

CUSTOM RING PRICES - Traditional $270.00 mold Bronze: $70.00 Stainless: $90.00 Sterling: $205.00

CUSTOM RING PRICES - Steel Mold Bronze: $85.00 Stainless: $115.00 Sterling: $245.00

All prices include shipping.

If your club chooses to have a well built around the center patch so that a colored enamel background can be added, add $10.00 to the above prices per ring for the enamel coloring.

Rings can be laser etched on the sides if the shank you choose allows for it. Add $15.00, to the above prices per ring if you choose this option.

Engraving is another option available on the top inside of the ring. Add $10.00 to the above prices per ring if your choose this option.

Orders are only turned in once per week on Sundays and Mondays.

We will work with you when it's time to place your ring order/s on how to complete that process. We can take payments from individual members by phone if your club chooses, or just one or two contacts per club. We can even create an item on the front page of the website with your complete order total for your to purchase there and then remove it. Your write the rules and we follow them.